Give me 45 days
& I’ll help you enjoy midlife
on your terms

The Bullshift Boot Camp is the only midlife-focused self-coaching training that helps you discover what's possible and learn to have your own you can create unconditional satisfaction.

Have you seen the
Happiness U-Curve?

​It ain’t pretty for those of us in midlife.


We have more economic and social power than ever...but our satisfaction's at an all-time low.​


As 35-60-year-olds, we're caught in a web of:

  • Fuzziness about what we want for our life (but we don't necessarily want to "burn it all down")

  • Frustration with change...both the kind that's happening (collagen) and the kind that's not (career);

  • Fear about regret and uncertainty (Is there more to look back on than forward to?); and

  • Frenzy from so much responsibility (Kids, parents, money...oh my!).

It's all slowly eroding our satisfaction...and something's gotta give.

Big Ol' Buts:
Got barriers to more satisfaction?


For decades, we've been taught to think in ways that diminish and devalue us...


often while aspiring to "have it all."


We see people claiming, "You just need the right mindset." Uhhhh...okay. But how?


It's such an abstract idea if no one’s ever guided us through how to do it. There are roadblocks galore:

  • Berating ourselves for mistakes;

  • Chastising ourselves for not doing the things we think we “should” do;

  • Fighting with unwanted thoughts;

  • Wrestling with traumatic memories;

  • Getting irritated by bodily aches and pains.

We think these thoughts, and they seem like they’re our thoughts.


But they aren’t. They're outside messages we've internalized and don’t know how to recognize or change. All the effort (self-help books, anyone?) in the world isn’t going to change that. And what happens?

  • We play small and don’t live our dreams because "What if I fail?" and "What will people think?"
  • We dislike our bodies, which just want to support us.
  • We stay in relationships that don't serve us.
  • We care more about what others think than what we think...especially of ourselves.

By the time we reach 35-60, we've spent decades denying our authentic selves and desires again and again (while throwing money and time at stuff)...all to win some prize that never comes.


True story: I love a good Athleta splurge as much as anyone. But some new athleisure wear isn't going to solve my satisfaction problem when that problem is caused by my thought that I'm not fit enought o be rockin' this gear.


Right? Right.


That's why investing in creating my bullshift has been my best investment...ever.


The Bullshift Boot Camp

A six-week self-coaching training to develop the knowledge, mindset, and skills to create satisfaction on your terms


Insight that demystifies midlife challenges

Personal inquiry that digs deep

Science-backed liberation that helps you grow


See what other Bullshifters say about their experience...

Why are there any unhappy 60 year olds out there?’ Because I have 20 years to practice this by then and it's already made a lot of change...Why wasn't I taught this when I was 18? I’m not understanding why this isn't part of the common knowledge of humanity. You know: the earth is round, and your thoughts create your feelings. Why have I had 10 years of therapy and never gotten to this part of the idea?





It would be utterly true to say, ‘I'm going to give you these tools so that by the end, you can make literally anything happen in your life.’








It has a really high value. A lot of people make courses and there's maybe 30 min. of content, but it's broken into teeny, tiny pieces and there's just a lot of clicking and moving you through it.


This is not that. It’s a masterclass. It feels like a whole coaching certification, although I know there's much more to coaching. I now feel more educated than probably some of the therapists I've had on how this stuff works.



I've not heard anyone else speak like this about this way of looking at our lives and breaking them down like this. I think it's at the heart of so much and it’s such a valuable piece of what we need to move really get this in our head so we can really operate from it.



Taking this program was great timing because there's something that really happens when you launch that last child. I just launched my last child and it's where a lot of my freedom has come from. So how do I seize this? This is really my chance to do something.










When I had the experience of realizing how just one particular thought was so life-changing for me--not only being aware of it, but then to actually put my finger on it and then see the change--that was really priceless.





Liberate yourself from the inside out.



Here's what it looks like...

  • Being super satisfied with yourself, regardless of what your boss or family or friends think. (That's their business.)
  • Feeling proud as a working parent because you're doing an amazing job and can be more present for all parts of your life. (Give guilt the boot.)
  • Feeling secure and honoring your worth, regardless of whether that Bumble date ghosted you. (Thank you, next.)
  • Embracing your colorful self...because having an opinion, embracing the full spectrum of emotions, and living life on your terms are all wonderful qualities.


Here's how you'll create your Bullshift...


MODULE 1: Building My Bullshift

Learn the components of The Bullshift Self-Coaching Method, a cognitive science-based process that helps you create the thoughts, feelings, actions, and results you want in your life. Once you understand this method, you understand the Universe...and you can start building your daily self-coaching practice.



MODULE 2: Exploring My Middlescence

While the prevalence of midlife crises is exaggerated, the 40s funk is real (remember that darn Happiness U-Curve). Explore the unique challenges of middlescence (a.k.a., “the puberty of adulthood”), cut through common midlife myths, and get clear about the opportunities of your midlife. Importantly, you'll learn five steps to strengthen your self-concept and create a clear vision for your life.


MODULE 3: Clarifying My Thoughts

Identify and understand the thoughts that compromise and/or create your life, and learn a system for processing them to create more satisfaction. This includes learning to befriend your inner critic and retrain your judgmental mind.


MODULE 4: Embracing My Emotions

Learn an entirely new way of understanding your emotions and a system for processing them that puts you in control of your feelings, instead of the other way around. As part of this experience, you'll learn several new exercises to support your emotional healing and agility. You'll also learn how to build your self-acceptance, the single most effective practice to enhance your life satisfaction.



MODULE 5: Driving My Actions and Results

Ever wondered why you struggle to follow through with some goals, or why you keep doing certain things you don't want to? Learn how your thoughts and feelings motivate your actions and produce the results in your life. You'll learn how to more effectively call on your wisest self, informed by defining your values and identifying your strengths.



MODULE 6: Reclaiming My Life

As part of the "Is this all there is?" ennui, we all have stories that keep us stuck in a cycle of fuzzy, fearful, frustrated, and frenzied. Learn how to rewrite your past and reprogram your brain to feel completely different about where you’ve been, where you are today, AND where you’re going.

There are two ways to get The Bullshift Boot Camp:



  • 6 Content-Packed Training Modules

  • Program-Enhancing Exercises and Playbook

  • Private Community

  • Semi-Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls

  • 5 Course Bonuses & Resources

  • 1:1 Behavior Elimination Session


3 Monthly Payments



  • 6 Content-Packed Training Modules

  • Program-Enhancing Exercises and Playbook

  • Private Community

  • Semi-Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls

  • 5 Course Bonuses & Resources

  • 1:1 Behavior Elimination Session


One-Time Payment

What's included?


Weekly Teaching Sesh


Each module features a series of pre-recorded lessons for you to access at any time. These include insights created that'll have you wondering, "How did I get up every morning without knowing this before?"



Live Q&A


I offer semi-monthly live coaching. You’ll have the chance to submit your request to get coached in advance. I’ll help you answer various questions, and may use them to springboard into surprise teaching nuggets and/or coaching sessions, too. I often do.





The workbook's more fun cousin, this playbook is full of prompts for our time together, as well as science-backed tools and exercises to reinforce what you're learning.



Private Community


 Connect with your fellow early midlifers and stay on top of announcements. Sometimes, it's easier to remember and keep engaged in something when it pops up on Facebook...since you're in there all the time, even though you said you wouldn't be this year. #nojudgment



"Unfunk Your Mind" Audio Training


Need portability with all you're learning? Unfunk Your Mind is a short-hand, "on-the-go" guide to applying what you've learned in this program through a simple but powerful four-step training.



The Bullshift Daily Practice Tracker


You know how you learn a thing intellectually but then fail to actually apply it to your life on the reg? This daily practice tracker helps you set up your day for success and transform those pesky, unhelpful thoughts that seep into your day.



"Holy Shift, I Need Help" EFT How-to Guide


Wondering how to actually release your emotions? Enjoy 19 EFT "tapping" scripts that target your greatest areas of need during this time of change: reduce tension, enhance sleep, manage stress, boost energy, address symptoms associated with anxiety and focus, and more. I include the science and process behind this powerful practice that's part modern psychology, part Traditional Chinese Medicine.



"Chill AF" Tools to Increase Your Peace


Anxious thoughts getting the best of you? These guided exercises induce calm and perspective to support greater satisfaction.



"Bullshifting 101 Recommended Reading List"


Curious to learn more about how to best navigate this time of transition? I'm sharing my recommended reading list, full of important and helpful resources I've already vetted.



Lifetime Access


And after that? The sky's the limit. And the one thing you know for sure is that The Bullshift Boot Camp will ground you in the skills you need to live what matters most...on your terms.

I know this 'cuz I lived it.


The tools I learned to shift my thought patterns, and feel and release my emotions transformed me during a time of major upheaval (some might call it a midlife crisis...not me).


As I started to help other 35-60-somethings, I clearly saw alarming consistencies among the challenges of my clients. Contrary to being unique or random, they were the product of decades of messages and socialization that've prescribed how to think about ourselves.


No matter how many degrees or promotions earned...


No matter how many material possessions acquired...


No matter how many relationships solidified...


We're not taught how to think a thought purposefully to help create the satisfaction we seek.


And by early midlife, we're starting to notice what's missing...but knowing intellectually about all this stuff doesn't translate into results. And, too often, we're lacking the resources to properly address it.


Until now...

If you're here, you already know you're interested.


Because the world is always coming at you with new challenges.


But now you can have the tools to handle whatever comes your way.

Anytime. Anywhere. For anything.


You can solve your fuzzy/fearful/frustrated/frenzied ways once and for all for a fraction of what you’d spend on retreats and workshops during the span of your life.


That said, The Bullshift Boot Camp is for you if you're:

  • Your own harshest critic;
  • Done living life on someone else's terms;
  • Wondering if this is as good as life gets;
  • Thinking your life's a "problem" to be solved; or
  • Stuck in unwanted or difficult thoughts and feelings.

Join today.


During The Bullshift Boot Camp, you’ll start noticing that you feel more chill.

  • You're kinder toward yourself.
  • Your emotions aren’t a rollercoaster ride.
  • You're more courageous with acting on your interests and abilities.
  • You’re spending less time feeling badly during Instagram comparisonitis and more time gaining clarity about the power of managing your mind.


After The Bullshift Boot Camp, you’ll realize it’s been a while since you were flogging yourself.

  • You're less judgmental toward everyone...including yourself.
  • You're more composed when something unexpected happens, because you can handle it.
  • You see your reflection in the mirror and surprise yourself by thinking, “I look good!”


After another month of putting the skills of The Bullshift Boot Camp to practice, you're consistently coaching yourself.

  • You’re naturally thinking more helpful thoughts...and when you look back at your thoughts from month 1, you don't even recognize some of them.
  • You show up in your career as the rockstar you always knew you could be.
  • You're the magnetic, loving, courageous person you've always wanted to be.
  • Most importantly, you’re excited for the future because you're proud of the work you’ve already done and you're ready to live what matters most to you.

I see you,
midlife superstar.

How much is not joining costing you?


Do you throat punch yourself for feeling frustrated?


Are you spending too much energy fearing the unknowns?


Do you feel overwhelmed by all the things?


We all have core caring for and connecting with loved ones, learning and growing, and engaging in fun and nourishing activities.


Often what gets in the way of us pursuing these core values are unwanted or difficult thoughts, feelings, memories, and bodily sensations.


These are the hidden costs no one tells us about. We're paying the personal, emotional, and social tax when we don't learn a new way to think about and for ourselves.

But life's already “full and rich.”
(said with a hint of distress)


The reason you're fuzzy about next steps isn't actually your lack of vision.


The reason you’re frustrated about change isn’t actually your collagen (or lack thereof) or career.

The reason you fear regret and uncertainty isn’t actually grounded in reality.

The reason you’re frenzied isn’t actually your job, your kids, your friends, or your hobbies.

It’s your mind.


When you don’t know how to create and honor boundaries...


When you’re constantly worried what others think...


When you take on things out of guilt or obligation or appearances... know what happens?


You're fuzzy, frustrated, fearful, and frenzied.
All. The. Time. (claps in between for emphasis)


And you're still wondering, "Is this all there is?"

The answer: "No...there's The Bullshift Boot Camp."


When you manage your mind, you'll always have plenty of courage to do what you want to do...and to discard the junk.'s time to start enjoying a more satisfying midlife on your termstogether.

I've got answers.



What happens when I join?

You'll get one email from me right away. Then, we'll connect weekly (lessons, tools, and more!) for an intensive and powerful six weeks. Though you may wish to complete this course at your own pace. I get that you're busy...and that you may wish to revisit it time and again. That's why I give you lifetime access.



Can I have an in-depth conversation or 1:1 coaching with you?

The Bullshift Boot Camp is a great option if you face persistent personal challenges. This program is foundational to a 1:1 relationship with me...or my other programs. If you're interested in becoming a private coaching client right away, I require an application. Email hello (at) to learn more about becoming a private client.



What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel within 14 days by sending an email to hello (at) to request your refund. You must show your work to get your refund.



Does this work?

Yes, it works when you set aside daily time to develop your bullshifting skills.



Other questions?

Email hello (at) and I'll get back to you sharpish.

"I'm ready, Meghan!"



  • 6 Content-Packed Training Modules

  • Program-Enhancing Exercises and Playbook

  • Private Community

  • Semi-Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls

  • 5 Course Bonuses & Resources

  • 1:1 Behavior Elimination Session


3 Monthly Payments



  • 6 Content-Packed Training Modules

  • Program-Enhancing Exercises and Playbook

  • Private Community

  • Semi-Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls

  • 5 Course Bonuses & Resources

  • 1:1 Behavior Elimination Session


One-Time Payment

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